by Lloyd Braun

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Songs written by Eric Grinwis under the moniker, Lloyd Braun.

Hoping for people to dig and vibe with wholeheartedly.


released May 11, 2013

recorded by Andrew P. Fleck at Soint Manor.



all rights reserved


Lloyd Braun Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lloyd Braun is:
Eric Grinwis - guitar / vocals
Jacob Bullard - bass
Brian Voortman - drums

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Track Name: Care At All
you didn't want to talk to me
figured thats how its 'sposed to be
sometimes you'll think a girl will come your way
but really, its not, ever that easy

when you've got that girl inside
she'll camp and hide out deep inside your mind
you'll wonder, "hey, do you want to come and play?"
she'll look at you and laugh at you and you'll feel so small, you'll wonder why you cared at all

I don't want to feel depressed
I'd be void and completely emotionless
how the hell did a girl make me feel this way?
when really, we didn't know what, we we're doin' anyway
Track Name: Too Real
what's it gonna take for you?
to figure out that this is you
it's not something you gotta think much about

cause at the rate you're goin'
you're not gonna keep your friends around
you took your place and real estate in the clouds

and will you do when you've lost it all again, nothings gonna feel too real

don't you know that you're not right
there's something there that'll change your mind
you're runnin' from the things that you know the best
Track Name: The Best
why do you know how to be the strong
one after this? and I'm a miserable mess
I cared so much, I don't know if that was
cool or not, but now it doesn't really matter

the girls I meet are usually cool to me
to be yourself and not so lame is not an easy thing
I'll just keep to myself and hope for the best

I know I've got friends who want me to
succeed, and that's good enough for me
I haven't had this feeling in a long time
its foreign, and it's so good for me
Track Name: Fall In
why are you still here? I can't erase
your memory or your face
I wasn't around when you were gettin
real down with yourself

thinkin' bout those awful things
you know better than to let them all fall in

it didn't matter when I finally had the
courage to tell you that I care for you
I didn't know you well I am not the best
person to see past my feelings

I think things will be different
since I don't know you anymore